Optimize the workplace with activity-based working


The modern workplace is changing extremely fast and companies are constantly looking for ways to optimize and reduce the need for office space.

The "smart office" concept is quickly becoming more and more popular. One of the main reasons why it has become so popular is because the traditional working model is going through drastic changes at the moment. Studies have shown that companies can reduce their space requirements by around 30% if they use services like MyDesk and optimize how they use their office space.

However, using the hybrid working model also comes with some new challenges. You need a good booking system and other digital systems that make it easy and efficient to work with a hybrid working model. It’s all of these systems that MyDesk delivers in one package.

Here are five areas to be aware of when using the hybrid working model:

How should users book desks and rooms?

First and foremost, it is of course important that employees are always able to book desks and rooms according to their needs. Once it becomes a problem for employees to have desks and meeting rooms available when they need them, it can quickly become a problem for the entire company. However, MyDesk ensures this doesn’t become an issue. It provides all employees with a simple and intuitive platform for managing flexible workplaces. Via the mobile app, web, Outlook or Teams, employees can book desks quickly and easily.

The same goes for meeting room booking. MyDesk can be easily integrated with Outlook, giving all employees a visual overview of the company’s meeting rooms. At the same time as booking the meeting room, employees can also easily order meeting catering in the canteen.

Are you in control of parking options?

Just as it’s important that employees can always book a desk and meeting rooms, it’s also important to provide parking for employees. Through MyDesk, employees can easily and quickly reserve a parking space while also reserving desks and meeting rooms. It saves time when employees arrive in their cars and makes the whole process run more efficiently.

Efficient canteen management

Food waste is something we all want to avoid. In the canteens of Danish workplaces, however, an incredible amount of superfluous food is produced, which is both bad for the environment and a waste of food. Through MyDesk, employees can indicate if they plan to eat in the canteen, while also reserving desks or meeting rooms. This gives the canteen a lot of valuable data that helps minimize food waste.

Guest registration

Through the app, it is also possible to create guest registrations. Guest cards can be printed directly from within MyDesk. With this feature, you can ensure that all your guests receive a warm welcome to your workplace. Instead of guests having to come in and explain who they are and why they’re there, your front desk staff can be ready to welcome them and show them where they need to go.

Optimize your office through analytics and insights

The above areas that the MyDesk app can help with are more mundane problems that MyDesk does super efficiently. However, using MyDesk and the concept behind the flexible workplace opens up huge optimization opportunities, which is also one of the major benefits of using MyDesk.

As a manager, you’ll have constant access to a dashboard that contains real-time data about your office building. Here you’ll gain deep insights into how employees use your office and meeting rooms, as well as the cafeteria and parking lots – and much more. All this data can be used to optimize the way you run the internal part of your business, which can benefit your employees and result in a significant financial gain.

If there’s a specific type of data you’re very interested in, you also get access to customizable PowerBI reports that really allow you to drill down into all the internal operational data about your business.

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