New Outlook addin for desktop booking

Booking from Outlook add-in

We are excited to introduce the new and improved Outlook add-in, which is now available to all our customers. This add-in has been carefully developed to reflect the quality and usability of our popular mobile apps. With a focus on an intuitive user interface that you already know and appreciate from our mobile apps, this add-in offers a simple integration with your daily work routines through Outlook.

The functionality of the add-in is comprehensive and designed to improve your workday. This includes opportunities to:

  1. Book desks and meeting rooms in just a few clicks. This is especially useful for companies that use flexible workspaces or have multiple meeting rooms.
  2. Order meeting catering directly through the add-in, saving time and coordination efforts.
  3. See where your colleagues are, which is ideal for promoting collaboration and spontaneous meetings.
  4. Integrate with other systems and applications to create a more holistic work experience.

This update is a direct result of the positive feedback we’ve received from you and our commitment to constantly improving your user experience.

If you haven’t received the new add-in yet, or if you are experiencing any technical challenges, our team is always ready to help. Contact your MyDesk consultant or Jesper Bo Larsen directly at or call 2620 2728. We’re committed to ensuring you get access to these valuable tools quickly so your business can continue to operate efficiently and smoothly.

Furthermore, we value your feedback and suggestions for future updates or improvements. Your input is essential for us to continue to deliver products that meet your needs and expectations. Let’s work together towards a more productive and collaborative future.


MyDesk is proud to present a series of three innovative add-ins for Outlook, each adding unique features and enhancing the user experience for our customers. These add-ins are designed to mirror the ease of use and functionality that users already know from the MyDesk mobile app and are created to integrate seamlessly with your daily workflows.

  1. MyDesk Desk and Meeting Booking Add-in: This add-in makes it easy for users to book desks and meeting rooms directly in Outlook. With a few simple clicks, employees can reserve the space they need, which is a great advantage for companies that operate with flexible workspaces. In addition, the add-in allows users to see where their colleagues are located, promoting collaboration and effective communication in everyday life.
  2. MyDesk Meeting Catering Order Add-in: When a meeting is scheduled in Outlook, this add-in makes it possible to order meeting catering at the same time. It eliminates the need to switch between different applications or systems, saving time and reducing the complexity of meeting planning. Users can choose from a range of catering options and ensure everything is ready for the start of the meeting.
  3. MyDesk Visitor Pre-registration Add-in: This add-in is a game-changer for businesses that have frequent visitors. When a meeting is booked, the add-in allows users to pre-register their guests in Outlook. This ensures a smooth and efficient check-in process when guests arrive and improves security by keeping track of who is visiting the business.

All three add-ins are developed with usability and integration in mind. They work seamlessly with existing Outlook functionalities and offer a simple, intuitive user interface. With these add-ins from MyDesk, your business can improve efficiency, simplify daily processes and enhance the overall work experience. MyDesk remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

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