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Easy and quick guest registration

MyDesk Guest Registration is an innovative and efficient solution designed to improve guest management in modern office environments. Its core functionality allows guests to register themselves on a screen when they arrive at the office, making the process quick and user-friendly.

Outlook integration

One particularly notable feature is the integration with Outlook. When a guest is invited to a meeting through Outlook, a pre-registration is automatically created via the MyDesk Outlook Add-in. This means that guest arrival and registration can be prepared in advance, reducing waiting time and increasing meeting planning efficiency.

Book lunch for guests in Outlook

Additionally, if the guest plans to stay for lunch, this can also be arranged through the Outlook registration. This feature ensures that all logistical aspects of the guest’s visit, including meals, are handled smoothly and efficiently.


Hardware that matches your needs

Another benefit of MyDesk Guest Registration is its versatility in terms of hardware. The solution can be deployed on a wide range of hardware, giving businesses the flexibility to use existing equipment. If new equipment is needed, MyDesk also offers advice and support to find the right equipment to suit your company’s specific needs.

Print guest cards

Finally, MyDesk Guest Registration also supports guest card printing. Once a guest has completed the registration process, a guest card can be printed directly. This is an important feature for security and identification as it helps keep track of who is in the office at any given time.

Overall, MyDesk Guest Management offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use and flexible guest management solution that can be adapted to different office environments and needs, increasing efficiency and security in the workplace.

Front desk management module

With MyDesk Guest Registration, you get a comprehensive management solution designed to improve efficiency and security when welcoming guests to your business. The platform gives the front desk a complete overview of all registered and pre-registered guests.

With MyDesk, receptionists can easily check in guests upon arrival, ensuring a smooth and professional welcome process.

Access card

A crucial aspect of MyDesk is its ability to handle the issuance of access cards. This is especially useful for visitors such as tradesmen who require temporary access to certain areas. The system ensures that all access cards are returned, increasing security and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Pre-registration of guests

To meet the needs of managing larger groups, MyDesk offers a powerful import function. The front desk can easily import a list of guests and register them with just a few clicks. This saves valuable time and reduces manual errors during group visits. In addition, the system allows you to print access cards on demand, which is a significant advantage for larger events or conferences.

Overall, MyDesk Guest Registration offers an easy-to-use tool for efficient guest management. With its intuitive interface and versatile features, it is an essential solution for businesses looking to improve their guest registration processes.

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Introducing MyDesk: World-class guest registration process

MyDesk is an innovative solution for businesses looking to optimize their guest registration process. With an increasing focus on security and efficiency in business, it has become essential to have a system that can handle guests in a professional and modern way. MyDesk offers just that with its world-class guest registration process that ensures a smooth and welcoming experience for both guests and hosts.

The system is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing guests to easily check in and out, while the company gains a detailed overview of visitors. This not only improves safety, but also creates a positive first impression. MyDesk’s platform is flexible and customizable, making it an ideal solution for any organization looking to modernize their guest management.

With MyDesk, businesses get a solution that integrates with existing security and building management systems, further improving efficiency. In addition, the system offers a range of features such as pre-registration of guests, automatic notification to hosts upon arrival, and generation of detailed reports that can be used to analyze and improve guest management.

It’s not just the functionality that makes MyDesk a preferred partner in guest registration; it’s also their commitment to providing a service that constantly evolves with customer needs and technological advancements. This ensures that businesses are always one step ahead when it comes to welcoming their guests in the most efficient and modern way.

How MyDesk works: A guide to modern guest management

MyDesk’s guest management platform is built around a number of core features that together create a complete and modern solution. When a guest arrives, they can quickly check in using a self-service kiosk or via a tablet manned by the receptionist. This system is not only fast and efficient, but it also ensures that all necessary information is collected in a standardized way.

After check-in, the system can automatically notify the relevant employee of the guest’s arrival, minimizing wait time and improving the overall experience. MyDesk can also handle multiple guests simultaneously, which is ideal for businesses that often have busy periods with many visitors. This helps to ensure a smooth flow and reduces bottlenecks in the reception area.

To increase security, MyDesk can be integrated with access control systems so that guests can only access the areas they are authorized to visit. The system can also print visitor badges, which can help increase visibility and security on site. Furthermore, MyDesk’s platform can be customized to include safety instructions or other important messages that guests should be aware of during their visit.

Reporting and data collection is another important feature of MyDesk’s guest management system. Businesses can easily generate reports on guest frequency, visit times and other relevant data that can be used to improve operations and planning. This provides valuable insights into how guests interact with the company and how processes can be further optimized.

Book catering, room and parking for the guest

One of the great benefits of MyDesk is the ability to offer an even more comprehensive service by including catering, room and parking bookings directly in the guest registration system. This means that when a guest pre-registers, the host can easily arrange all necessary amenities to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Catering can be an important part of hospitality, especially for meetings or longer visits. With MyDesk, hosts can choose from a menu of catering options and ensure food and drinks are ready for guest arrival. This shows a high level of care and professionalism that guests will undoubtedly appreciate.

Room booking is also an integral part of the MyDesk service. Hosts can view meeting room availability in real-time and reserve the appropriate room for the guest’s visit. This ensures that there is always a suitable space available for meetings, presentations or other activities, contributing to more efficient time management.

Parking can often be a challenge in busy commercial areas. MyDesk solves this problem by allowing hosts to reserve parking spaces in advance. This means guests don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, which can be a great relief and a positive start to their visit. This service is another example of how MyDesk goes beyond traditional guest registration to offer a fully integrated guest management experience.

Customized according to your design, colors and logo

One of the most appealing aspects of MyDesk is its ability to be completely customized to the company’s brand identity. The system can be customized to reflect your company’s design, colors and logo, creating a seamless and professional experience for guests. This is not only important to maintain a strong brand, but also to ensure that the guest management process feels like an integral part of the company’s overall customer service.

The design of the registration interface itself can be customized to fit your company’s aesthetic and user experience. This can include everything from fonts and color schemes to layout and user interface elements. By customizing these aspects, businesses can ensure that the guest registration system is not only functional but also visually appealing.

Colors and branding play a crucial role in how a company is perceived. MyDesk understands this and provides the ability to integrate the company’s color scheme in a way that complements the existing branding. This creates a sense of consistency and professionalism that guests will notice from the moment they enter the reception area.

Finally, including the company logo in the guest management process is an important part of creating brand recognition. MyDesk makes it easy to include the logo in all aspects of guest registration, from welcome screens to visitor badges. This ensures that the company’s brand is visible and recognizable throughout the guest’s visit, reinforcing brand value and leaving a lasting impression.

Overall, MyDesk offers a comprehensive and modern guest registration solution that can be customized to fit the unique needs and brand identity of any business. By combining functionality with flexibility, MyDesk ensures businesses can deliver a world-class guest management experience that is both efficient and memorable.

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