MyDesk: The modern way to manage meeting catering

Book catering after demand and avoid food waste

With MyDesk meeting catering, your employees get an easy and recognizable booking experience, without the need to leave Outlook and the meeting they are already booking.

The module gives you advanced options to provide employees with a menu that takes into account location, room, time and much more. The module also handles moving, changing and canceling meetings and ensures all relevant people are up to date.

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Easy management of meeting reservations for canteen staff

Our platform makes meeting catering management simple and straightforward for canteen staff. They can easily see what meeting catering needs to be delivered, when it needs to be delivered and by whom. Plan and record the status of the delivery, including prepared, delivered and cleaned. This gives you full control over the catering process and ensures everything runs smoothly.

Through the canteen app, canteen staff can add products to an order that are not normally on the menu and ensure these are also included in further internal invoicing.

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MyDesk is an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way meeting catering is handled. With a modern approach to meeting planning, MyDesk offers an efficient and time-saving solution for companies looking to optimize their meeting catering. This article will explore the different features and benefits of MyDesk and how it can help businesses improve their meeting planning.

Efficient meeting catering with MyDesk: A modern approach to meeting planning

Traditionally, scheduling meetings and managing meeting catering has been a time-consuming and cumbersome task for businesses. Coordinating with the canteen staff and ensuring that all attendees get the food they need is often resource-intensive and can be a challenge. With MyDesk, this process becomes much more efficient and simple. The platform allows companies to plan and book meeting catering in an intuitive and user-friendly way. This not only saves time, but also ensures a more streamlined and professional meeting experience for all participants.

Save time and resources with MyDesk: The smart meeting catering solution

One of the biggest benefits of MyDesk is that it helps businesses save both time and resources. By automating the meeting catering process, MyDesk eliminates the need for manual coordination and communication with canteen staff. This frees up time for employees and allows them to focus on other important tasks. In addition, companies can also save money by avoiding food and beverage waste, as MyDesk allows you to order the exact amount of catering needed for each meeting.

Administration module and app for the canteen staff

MyDesk also offers a management module and an app for canteen staff, making it easy for them to manage orders and prepare meeting catering. This allows the canteen staff to be more efficient and productive, as they no longer need to spend time manually registering and handling orders. The management module also provides an overview of all orders and allows canteen staff to plan their work more efficiently.

Book catering after demand and avoid food waste

Another benefit of MyDesk is that it allows you to order meeting catering from platforms that your employees already know and use. This includes popular platforms like Outlook, Google Calendar and Slack. This makes it easy for employees to book meeting catering as they don’t have to learn a new platform or log in to a different website. It also provides a more streamlined and integrated experience for employees.

In today’s busy business world, it’s important for companies to be efficient and optimize their processes. MyDesk offers a modern and innovative approach to meeting planning and catering management that can help businesses save time, resources and money. With an easy-to-use interface, administration module and the ability to order from platforms employees are already familiar with, MyDesk is the perfect solution for efficient meeting catering.

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