MyDesk Planner: The ultimate tool for receptionists and assistants

Search, find and manage your meeting rooms through MyDesk Planner

Find meetings and meeting rooms:

Filter by size, facilities and other criteria to find the meeting you are looking for

Move with ease:

If you need to, you can move a meeting to another meeting room with a few clicks if you need to. With the visual overview of all rooms, you can quickly find where they are available.

Add meeting catering:

If you need to, you can easily add meeting catering to meetings. Through MyDesk Planner, you can both add items from the official menu or add your own items that are not on the menu, such as a special evening menu for the board meeting.

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Meeting catering administration

MyDesk Planner complements the rest of the MyDesk catering platform and works perfectly with our catering app.

While the Catering app is aimed at canteen staff, MyDesk Planner is intended to give administrative staff an easy overview of all meetings and the ability to add or change catering for a meeting.

An example could be an employee calling the front desk and asking to add coffee and water to their meeting, or another employee who needs to reschedule their meeting to another time, giving the front desk an easy and visual overview of all meeting rooms and availability.

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Introducing MyDesk Planner: Book or move meeting rooms

MyDesk Planner is an innovative solution designed to make life easier for receptionists and assistants. This system allows users to efficiently manage the booking and organization of meeting rooms in companies of all sizes. With an intuitive interface, you can easily book a meeting room, view real-time availability and even rebook or reschedule meetings with just a few clicks. This ensures that meetings can be held without delays or double bookings, which is essential for maintaining a professional and efficient workday.

Search, find and manage your meeting rooms through MyDesk Planner

MyDesk Planner offers advanced search features that allow users to filter meeting rooms based on specific requirements, such as size, location, available equipment and other amenities. This makes it possible to find the perfect meeting room for any purpose, quickly and effortlessly. The system also allows you to manage meeting room calendars, ensuring that all resources are optimally utilized and no rooms are left unused. This can contribute to a more sustainable use of company resources and can potentially reduce the costs associated with meeting facilities.

Add or update catering

Another important feature in MyDesk Planner is the ability to add or update catering for meetings. Receptionists and assistants can easily order food and drinks for meetings and make changes if needed. This ensures that all meeting attendees have a pleasant experience and that the company appears professional and welcoming. By integrating catering management into meeting planning, MyDesk Planner can help save time and avoid misunderstandings or last-minute stress.

MyDesk Planner: Targeting reception, PAs and more

MyDesk Planner is specifically designed with the unique needs of receptionists, personal assistants (PAs) and similar positions in mind. These professionals often face the challenge of juggling multiple tasks at once, and MyDesk Planner is a tool that can help streamline these tasks and increase productivity. By centralizing meeting and resource management in one system, these employees can focus more on other important tasks while maintaining a high level of service. MyDesk Planner is therefore not just a technical solution, but a partner in everyday life that supports a smooth and well-organized workflow.

In a world where time is a precious resource and first impressions often count the most, MyDesk Planner is the ultimate tool for receptionists and assistants who want to deliver excellence in their work. With this system, they can ensure that their meetings and events run smoothly, which can ultimately contribute to a stronger business profile and satisfied employees and customers.

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