MyDesk Integration: How to order meeting catering effortlessly in Outlook

Book catering after demand and avoid food waste

With MyDesk meeting catering, your employees get an easy and recognizable booking experience, without the need to leave Outlook and the meeting they are already booking.

The module gives you advanced options to provide employees with a menu that takes into account location, room, time and much more. The module also handles moving, changing and canceling meetings and ensures all relevant people are up to date.

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Easy management of meeting reservations for canteen staff

Our platform makes meeting catering management simple and straightforward for canteen staff. They can easily see what meeting catering needs to be delivered, when it needs to be delivered and by whom. Plan and record the status of the delivery, including prepared, delivered and cleaned. This gives you full control over the catering process and ensures everything runs smoothly.

Through the canteen app, canteen staff can add products to an order that are not normally on the menu and ensure these are also included in further internal invoicing.

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Book catering after demand and avoid food waste

In a busy workday, it’s important that processes are as efficient as possible, and that includes ordering meeting catering. With the MyDesk integration, employees can order catering directly from Outlook, a platform they already know and use daily to manage emails and calendar appointments. This eliminates the need to switch between different systems or platforms, saving time and minimizing the risk of errors. Employees can simply add catering as part of their meeting request, choose from a predefined menu and send the order directly to the canteen. This makes the process fast and intuitive, ensuring everything is ready for the meeting to start.

Easy management of meeting reservations for canteen staff

For canteen staff, the MyDesk integration makes the daily management of meeting reservations much easier. The system centralizes all bookings and provides a clear overview of upcoming events, number of participants, and specific catering requests. Canteen staff can easily adapt production to current demand and avoid food waste by having an accurate overview of required quantities. In addition, with just a few clicks, they can confirm receipt of orders and communicate any changes or questions directly to the responsible employee. This ensures a smooth and error-free process where all parties are up to date.

Streamline meeting scheduling with MyDesk and Outlook

The integration of MyDesk with Outlook is a game-changer for streamlining meeting planning. When employees can manage all aspects of a meeting, including catering, in a single system, the time and resources spent on planning are significantly reduced. It eliminates the need to juggle different systems and manual processes that could previously lead to misunderstandings and double bookings. With MyDesk’s intuitive interface, employees can easily customize their orders to the size and purpose of the meeting, ensuring every meeting is more productive and enjoyable.

Get a real-time view of what needs to be delivered where and when

One of the biggest benefits of the MyDesk integration is the ability to get a real-time view of what needs to be delivered, where and when. This is essential to coordinate catering efficiently and ensure everything is in place on time. The system automatically updates when new orders come in or changes are made, allowing canteen staff to react quickly and adjust their planning as needed. This level of visibility and control is invaluable for delivering a high level of service and ensuring satisfied meeting attendees.

In a world where time is a precious resource and expectations for efficiency are high, MyDesk integration with Outlook is a solution that can revolutionize the way companies handle meeting catering. By simplifying the process and giving all parties involved the tools they need to succeed, companies can ensure that their meetings are not only productive, but also enjoyable experiences for all participants.

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