Flexible Meeting Room Catering and Buffer Time Management

Flexible catering

MyDesk Catering, the popular meeting catering management software solution, has just announced an update that brings significant improvements to the daily operations of canteens and meeting rooms.

This minor but significant update introduces two new features that streamline catering management in companies and organizations.

Turn Catering Off and On for Specific Meeting Rooms

It is now possible for the canteen to turn catering off or on for specific meeting rooms through MyDesk Catering. This feature provides flexibility that many canteen managers have requested. This means that if they don’t offer catering in a specific meeting room, this can be easily managed in the system, saving time and resources.

Buffer Time for Each Meeting Room

Another important addition is the ability to set a buffer time for each meeting room. This feature allows canteen staff to plan and prepare catering with enough time before the meeting starts, and to clean up afterwards before the next meeting begins. Buffer time can be customized for each individual room, giving you a high degree of control and flexibility in scheduling.

A game-changer for canteen staff

These seemingly small changes are a game-changer for many cafeteria workers. "We’ve always had challenges with tight schedules between meetings. With the new buffer time feature, we can now efficiently plan and ensure everything is ready on time without stressing about the next meeting," says Anna Larsen, a canteen manager at a large Danish company.

MyDesk Catering continues to evolve and adapt to user needs, making it an indispensable tool in the modern workplace. With these new updates, the MyDesk Catering team demonstrates their commitment to improving working conditions for canteen staff and increasing the overall efficiency of meeting catering.

"We listen to our users’ feedback and these updates are a direct result of that," says MyDesk Product Manager. "Our goal is to make life easier for those who work hard behind the scenes."

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