How MyDesk Meeting Booking works

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Finding the right meeting space and making sure it’s available when you need it can be a challenge. But with MyDesk Meeting Booking, this process is made easy and intuitive. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of how meeting booking with MyDesk works.

1. Find the right meeting room

MyDesk Meeting Booking provides an overview of all your company’s meeting rooms. You can search for rooms based on capacity, equipment or location and find the perfect space for your meeting.

2. Book a meeting room

Once you’ve found the right room, you can book it directly from the MyDesk platform. Simply select your desired time and your meeting room is booked.

3. invite participants

After booking the meeting room, you can easily invite participants to the meeting directly from the MyDesk platform. You can even sync with your favorite email system to make the process even easier.

4. Manage your reservations

MyDesk Meeting Booking also allows you to easily manage your reservations. You can change the time of your meeting, move it to another room, or cancel it altogether, all directly from the platform.

5. Receive reminders

To make sure you never forget a meeting, MyDesk Meeting Booking sends reminders to you and all your attendees. You can set the reminders to arrive a few minutes before the meeting, or further in advance, depending on your preferences.

6. Integrate with other systems

Mydesk Meeting Booking integrates with a number of other systems, including Outlook. This makes it easy for you to monitor all your meetings from one place.

MyDesk Meeting Booking is designed to make scheduling meetings a breeze. With this intuitive platform, you can easily find and book meeting rooms, invite attendees, and manage your reservations, all from one place. Try MyDesk Meeting Booking today and experience an easier and more efficient way to schedule meetings.

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