Creating your own booking types and the possibility of multiple daily bookings

Create custom booking types in MyDesk.

This update introduces the ability to define custom booking types and allows multiple bookings within a single day.

Custom Booking Types

Previously, MyDesk was limited to offering only two standard booking types: work from home or work in the office. With the new update, users and businesses can now customize and create a variety of different booking types. These can include categories such as ‘customer visits’, ‘out of office’, ‘sick day’ and ‘vacation’. This provides a more detailed and nuanced view of employees’ daily activities and attendance.

Integration with Outlook

A key feature of this update is the integration with Microsoft Outlook. When a user makes a booking through MyDesk – whether it’s for a sick day or a customer meeting – that booking is automatically reflected in the user’s Outlook calendar. This ensures that colleagues can see up-to-date information about each other’s availability, whether they use MyDesk or Outlook to check.

More Bookings in One Day

Another significant improvement is the ability to make multiple bookings in a single day. This is especially useful for employees who have different activities or work locations throughout the day. For example, an employee can now book ‘work from home‘ in the morning and ‘office space’ in the afternoon. This flexibility supports a more dynamic and variable working day, which is in line with modern working practices.


This update to MyDesk offers several benefits:

  1. Increased Customization: Companies can now more accurately customize the system to their specific needs and workflows.
  2. Improved Overview: Managers and team members get a clearer picture of employee presence and activities. For example, illness
  3. Efficient Time Management: Integration with Outlook simplifies time management and coordination between teams.
  4. Flexibility: The possibility of multiple bookings per day offers greater flexibility for employees, which can increase job satisfaction and productivity.

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