Infection happens in the workplace


While COVID-19 has been a challenge for all of us, it has also forced us to think creatively and develop new strategies to protect our employees and keep our workplaces running. Here are some additional considerations on how we can tackle the spread of infection in the workplace:

1. **Flexible working hours and shifts:** An effective way to avoid overcrowding in offices is to introduce flexible working hours and shifts. This can help spread employees throughout the day and week, reducing congestion and the risk of infection.

2. **Frequent cleaning and disinfection:** Continuous and thorough cleaning of work areas, common areas and contact surfaces such as door handles and elevators is essential. Disinfection stations should also be available so employees can clean their hands and work areas regularly.

3. **Communication and training:** It is important to ensure that employees are well informed about the applicable health protocols and guidelines. Regular training and updates on COVID-19 and safety measures can help create a sense of security and responsibility among employees.

4. **Flexible work locations:** Consider allowing employees to work from different locations, such as home offices or satellite offices, if possible. This can reduce the number of employees in the head office and reduce the risk of infection spreading.

5. **Technology and tools:** Leverage technology like booking software to manage meeting rooms, canteen times and workstations. This makes it easy for employees to plan their time in the office and avoid overcrowding.

6. **Mental health and wellbeing:** Don’t forget the mental health of your employees. The isolation, uncertainty and stress of the pandemic can affect employees. Consider offering access to psychological support and resources to support their wellbeing.

7. **Follow government guidelines:** Finally, it is crucial to follow the guidelines issued by health authorities and the government. These guidelines are based on the latest scientific knowledge and are essential to slow down the spread of infection.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees while maintaining productivity and business continuity. By implementing these measures, we can work together to fight COVID-19 and protect our workplaces and society as a whole.

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