Contagion happens in the work place


According to Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, unsurprisingly 1/3 of COVID contagions happen in the work place. Many have been sent home, and yet it is at the office that infections occur. Why?

Often when we speak to companies, 50% of employees already work from home, but control is needed with where the remaining 50% are located as well as tools to ensure that no more people are in each of the offices than what is justified.

Contamination does not stop, when one office is completely empty while the other is 75% filled. Even when the distribution in the office is okay, most of the employees will show up in the canteen at 11.45 in an unregulated manner.

We cannot stop COVID, but we can give you the tools to ensure:
  • That only the number of employees show up that you deem responsible.
  • That they spread evenly across the entire company area.
  • That they reserve spaces in the canteen at specific times, in order to keep distance.

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