Advantages of remote work

Even though companies are truly opening now, and the employees are returning to the offices, for many this will be under a system that combines office and home work. Many people have been surprised of how they have thrived with working from home. But do they know exactly which advantages are associated with remote work? […]

Business leaders choose the hybrid model

With the ongoing reopening, companies must take a stand on whether they go back to the old pre COVID patterns or use the experiences of the last year and a half for a restructuring of the work environment. In a new study by tech developer Owl Labs, 2000 business leaders from the UK, Germany, France, […]

MyDesk expands to the UK

Following a successful launch in Denmark in 2020 with several large clients, MyDesk has decided to expand to the UK market. Under management of David Wall, who has many years of experience with enterprise B2B e.g., through establishing LogBuy in the UK, the team behind MyDesk will expand the business outside of Denmark. Of the […] implements flexible workplaces

In relation to the re-opening, has chosen MyDesk for implementation of flexible workplaces in its locations in Copenhagen and Odense. Moving forward, some days will take place in the offices and others in the home work space. The organisation has established a new hybrid model in a 2-2 system, where the employees work at […]

MyDesk 4.0 out now

MyDesk has launched the next version of the application which contains a number of improvements and features that will make it easier for management and employees to administer and book flexible work spaces. In the following, we present features of the new MyDesk v. 4.0 that is out now on Android and IOS. TimeSlot Booking […]

The hybrid workplace is the way forward

Following a year that turned our lives upside down with lockdowns, remote work and a general conversion to an entirely new daily life, society more and more begins to open up again, and our work life might return to what it was. But what is the right strategy for companies to have a succesful reopening? […]

Codan optimizes the digital office environment with MyDesk


Insurance company Codan has chosen MyDesk for digital optimization of the office environment. More than 800 employees share 406 desks which means a number of advantages for the company. In Denmark, an office space on average costs DKK 60.000 a year. Thus, Codan may save a lot of money by minimizing the number of empty […]

Add or remove office spaces with one click


In these times, where we open up further, MyDesk has made it easier to raise or lower capacity. We have listened to our clients’ wishes and have implemented an algorithm, where the desired percent of available office spaces per location or area just needs to be entered. MyDesk will then automatically calculate which need to […]

Company considerations prior to introduction of flexible work spaces

Companies choose not to introduce flexible work spaces due to anxiety of the reaction from employees. For many organisations, changing the internal systems can be an anxiety inducing decision. Implementing a new way for the employees to work can be a big step which is what keeps some from switching, regardless if the new system […]

Zoom in on floor plans in the MyDesk app

Many open office companies have large floor plans which is why MyDesk has introduced a zoom feature in the mobile app. In the latest version of the MyDesk mobile app, we have introduced a number of new and improved initiatives that make desk booking even easier. A much requested feature is the option to zoom […]