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As of the turn of the year, MyDesk is no longer exclusively available in English, but now also supports Danish. This update covers all platforms, including mobile, web and Outlook add-in.

Improved user experience

The integration of Danish as a language option is part of MyDesk’s ongoing efforts to improve the user experience and make their tools more accessible to a wider audience. This move is especially beneficial for Danish users, who can now navigate, interact and utilize MyDesk’s features more effectively in their native language.

More languages on the way

In addition to Danish, we are also in the process of translating the platform into Swedish, Norwegian and German, which is expected to be launched later this spring.

Administrative flexibility

A key feature of this update is that MyDesk admins now have the option to set a default language for their entire organization. This means that if a company primarily operates in Danish, the administrator can set Danish as the default choice for all users. This ensures a more streamlined and consistent experience for employees.

User choice remains a priority

It is important to emphasize that while an administrator can set a default language, the individual user still retains the right to choose a different language if they prefer. For example, if the default is set to Danish, users can still switch to English. This flexibility ensures that MyDesk users who prefer English or are non-native speakers can deviate from the company’s default language if they wish.

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