WorkTime by MyDesk: Your free solution to ensure compliance with EU working time and rest time rules

The EU Working Time Directive sets requirements for working time and rest periods to ensure the health and safety of workers. To comply with these regulations, it’s important for businesses to have an effective time tracking system. WorkTime from MyDesk is one such solution that offers a free and easy-to-use platform to handle these requirements. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of WorkTime and how it can benefit both employers and employees.

Register via mobile app or on your desktop

WorkTime offers flexibility by allowing time tracking via both mobile app and desktop. This makes it easy for employees to track their working hours wherever they are. With a mobile app, employees can quickly check in and out, even when they’re on the go or working outside the traditional office environment.

This accessibility is especially important in a time when flexible workplaces and working from home are becoming more common. This ensures that all employees can comply with registration requirements effortlessly. Furthermore, it gives employers a real-time view of employees’ working hours, making it easier to monitor compliance with working time regulations.

**Intuitive and easy to use for both employers and employees

One of the biggest benefits of WorkTime is its intuitive design, making it easy to use for both employers and employees. The user interface is simple and straightforward, minimizing the time spent learning the system and maximizing efficiency in daily operations.

For employees, this means they can quickly familiarize themselves with the app and easily track their working hours. For employers, this means they can easily manage time records, approve working hours and handle any deviations from scheduled times. This saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on administration.

WorkTime will remind you of your registrations if you forget

A common challenge with time tracking is remembering to record your working hours. WorkTime addresses this issue by sending reminders to employees if they forget to record their time. This ensures that the data is complete and accurate, which is essential to comply with EU working time and rest time regulations.

Reminders can help create good habits and ensure employees don’t inadvertently break the rules by working too long without the necessary breaks. It’s also helpful for employers as it reduces the amount of time spent following up on missing registrations.

With our reporting, it’s easy and clear to create an overview of all registrations

WorkTime offers advanced reporting features that make it easy for employers to get an overview of all records. These reports can be used to analyze work patterns, identify overtime and ensure all employees are getting the necessary rest periods.

The reports can be customized to your company’s specific needs and can be generated for individual employees, teams or the entire organization. This gives management a solid basis for decision-making and helps ensure the company is compliant with legislation. In addition, the reports can be used for payroll administration and to demonstrate compliance to regulators.


WorkTime from MyDesk is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that helps companies comply with EU working time and rest time regulations. With the ability to record via mobile app or desktop, an intuitive design, automatic reminders and comprehensive reporting options, WorkTime is a valuable tool for both employers and employees. By implementing WorkTime, companies can improve their compliance, optimize their work processes and contribute to a healthier work environment.

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