Using AI for Desk and Meeting Room Booking

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The modern workplace is constantly evolving, and as technology advances, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a crucial factor in creating more efficient and productive work environments. MyDesk AI is an innovative solution that uses AI technology to improve desk and meeting room booking, resulting in a more user-friendly and automated experience for employees.

Automatic check-in based on connection to company Wi-Fi

MyDesk AI enables employees to automatically check in when they arrive at the office by simply connecting to the company Wi-Fi network. This smart feature allows users to skip the manual check-in and ensures they access their reserved desks or meeting rooms with ease. With AI’s ability to recognize users’ devices, MyDesk can also create a more personalized experience by offering relevant and customized suggestions for each employee.

Suggestions for best desk space based on history and preferred colleagues

MyDesk AI leverages data from previous reservations and user preferences to suggest the best location in the office. By analyzing employee history, MyDesk can suggest a desk near their team members or in an area where they have previously chosen to sit. This creates a more cohesive and collaborative workplace where employees can easily work together and share ideas.


Office day recommendations for the employee

MyDesk AI can also make recommendations on which days an employee should come into the office based on various factors. By analyzing meeting schedules, preferred colleagues and individual preferences, the system can identify and recommend the days when it would be most beneficial for the employee to be physically present in the office.

AI arrive at the office

If you come to the office without having booked a table…

In the event that an employee arrives at the office without having reserved a desk, MyDesk AI can step in and offer recommendations. By analyzing available resources, colleagues and previous bookings, the system can suggest available desks that best suit the employee in question. This ensures that the employee always has a suitable workspace available, even when they haven’t made a prior reservation.

Meeting room recommendations based on attendees and time

MyDesk AI also takes care of meeting room booking by offering recommendations based on meeting attendees and times. The system analyzes the attendee list and available meeting rooms to find the optimal match. It takes into account the duration of the meeting, preferences and any technical requirements to ensure the meeting is held in the most suitable meeting room. This saves time and resources for both employees and meeting planners.

AI-powered workplace optimization

One of the most exciting features of MyDesk AI is its ability to recommend workplace optimizations.

By analyzing data on the use of desks, meeting rooms and other resources, the system can identify inefficient areas and suggest changes to maximize the utilization of space and facilities. This can include recommendations for restructuring workspaces, adapting meeting rooms as needed, or even adjusting working hours to make the best use of the workspace. The result is a more efficient and productive workplace that can be customized to suit your business needs.


The use of MyDesk AI for desk and meeting room booking is an exciting development in workplace digitalization. By leveraging artificial intelligence, employees can enjoy a more streamlined and personalized experience where the workplace adapts to their needs and preferences. From automatic check-in and seating suggestions to optimizing meeting room booking and workplace layout, AI helps create a more efficient and productive work environment. MyDesk AI is a groundbreaking technology shaping the workplace of the future.

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