The Future of Visitor Management: New Technologies and Trends in 2024

Easy and quick guest registration

MyDesk Guest Registration is an innovative and efficient solution designed to improve guest management in modern office environments. Its core functionality allows guests to register themselves on a screen when they arrive at the office, making the process quick and user-friendly.

Outlook integration

One particularly notable feature is the integration with Outlook. When a guest is invited to a meeting through Outlook, a pre-registration is automatically created via the MyDesk Outlook Add-in. This means that guest arrival and registration can be prepared in advance, reducing waiting time and increasing meeting planning efficiency.

Book lunch for guests in Outlook

Additionally, if the guest plans to stay for lunch, this can also be arranged through the Outlook registration. This feature ensures that all logistical aspects of the guest’s visit, including meals, are handled smoothly and efficiently.


Hardware that matches your needs

Another benefit of MyDesk Guest Registration is its versatility in terms of hardware. The solution can be deployed on a wide range of hardware, giving businesses the flexibility to use existing equipment. If new equipment is needed, MyDesk also offers advice and support to find the right equipment to suit your company’s specific needs.

Print guest cards

Finally, MyDesk Guest Registration also supports guest card printing. Once a guest has completed the registration process, a guest card can be printed directly. This is an important feature for security and identification as it helps keep track of who is in the office at any given time.

Overall, MyDesk Guest Management offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use and flexible guest management solution that can be adapted to different office environments and needs, increasing efficiency and security in the workplace.

Front desk management module

With MyDesk Guest Registration, you get a comprehensive management solution designed to improve efficiency and security when welcoming guests to your business. The platform gives the front desk a complete overview of all registered and pre-registered guests.

With MyDesk, receptionists can easily check in guests upon arrival, ensuring a smooth and professional welcome process.

Access card

A crucial aspect of MyDesk is its ability to handle the issuance of access cards. This is especially useful for visitors such as tradesmen who require temporary access to certain areas. The system ensures that all access cards are returned, increasing security and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Pre-registration of guests

To meet the needs of managing larger groups, MyDesk offers a powerful import function. The front desk can easily import a list of guests and register them with just a few clicks. This saves valuable time and reduces manual errors during group visits. In addition, the system allows you to print access cards on demand, which is a significant advantage for larger events or conferences.

Overall, MyDesk Guest Registration offers an easy-to-use tool for efficient guest management. With its intuitive interface and versatile features, it is an essential solution for businesses looking to improve their guest registration processes.

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Introduction to the future of visitor registration

As technology evolves, the way businesses and organizations record and interact with their visitors is changing. The future of visitor registration offers a range of innovative solutions that not only streamline the process but also improve security and visitor experience. These new systems are designed to handle a large amount of data quickly and accurately, resulting in a more streamlined and pleasant arrival for visitors.

With the advent of advanced technology, it becomes possible to integrate different systems, such as security systems and customer service platforms, providing a more holistic approach to visitor management. This means that visitor registration is no longer just about registering at the front desk, but a fully integrated experience that starts long before the visitor walks through the door.

This evolution is driven by a growing need to optimize safety and efficiency, as well as the desire to create a more personal and memorable experience for visitors. In the following sections, we will explore some of the most exciting technologies and trends in the future of visitor registration.

Biometric technology: Face recognition and fingerprints

Biometric technology has become a cornerstone of modern visitor registration systems. Facial recognition and fingerprint scanners are two of the most common biometric methods used to identify and verify visitor identity. These technologies offer a high level of security as they are based on unique physical characteristics that are difficult to counterfeit or copy.

Facial recognition technology has evolved significantly and can now quickly and accurately identify a person, even in a crowd or under varying lighting conditions. This enables businesses to offer a fast and touch-free check-in process, which is especially valuable in times of increased focus on hygiene and social distancing.

Fingerprint scanners have also found their way into visitor registration systems. They are compact, relatively inexpensive and easy to integrate into existing infrastructures. With a simple touch, visitors can verify their identity, reducing waiting time and improving the overall experience.

Mobile integration and contactless check-in

Mobile technology plays a crucial role in the development of visitor registration systems. With near-universal adoption of smartphones, it has become possible to integrate mobile-based solutions into the visitor registration process. This allows visitors to check-in before they arrive using their personal devices, minimizing the need for physical interaction and waiting time upon arrival.

Contactless check-in has become a standard, especially in the wake of the pandemic, as people became more conscious about hygiene and social distancing. QR codes, NFC technology and Bluetooth are just some of the tools used to create a smooth and secure arrival process. visitors can simply scan a code or bring their device near a sensor to confirm their arrival.

This kind of integration also allows businesses to collect valuable data on visitor preferences and behavior, which can be used to improve service and offer a more tailored experience.

Artificial intelligence and personalized visitor experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize visitor registration by offering personalized experiences based on data analytics and machine learning. AI can help predict visitors needs and preferences, allowing businesses to customize their services and facilities accordingly.

By analyzing past interactions and behavioral patterns, AI systems can suggest specific services or activities that visitors are likely to appreciate. This can include everything from recommending a specific meeting room based on group size to suggesting a specific type of refreshment based on previous choices.

Furthermore, AI can help improve security by identifying and responding to unusual behavioral patterns or security threats in real-time. This not only creates a safer environment for visitors and staff, but also a more pleasant and secure experience for everyone involved.

MyDesk visitor management tested as the best visitor management system in 2024 by leading Danish companies

MyDesk visitor Management has established itself as a leading visitor management system and has been tested as the best guest management system in 2024 by several leading Danish companies. The system combines the latest technologies, such as pre-registration when the guest is added to a meeting in Outlook and an unrivaled visual guest experience.

Companies that have implemented MyDesk visitor registration report significant improvements in both efficiency and visitor satisfaction. Its intuitive interface and seamless integration with existing IT infrastructures make it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes.

MyDesk’s success is not only due to our technologically strong platform, but also our ability to adapt to specific business needs. This tailored aspect ensures that each business can offer a unique and memorable experience for their visitors , strengthening their brand and customer loyalty.

Get a free trial of MyDesk visitor registration System in your office

For companies that want to experience the benefits of MyDesk visitor registration, a free trial of the system is offered at their office. This is an excellent opportunity to see how MyDesk can transform the guest registration process and improve the overall visitor experience.

During the trial period, companies will have full access to all of MyDesk’s features and be able to evaluate the system’s effectiveness in their specific environment. MyDesk’s support team will be available to help with setup and customization and to answer any questions.

Taking the step towards more modern and technologically advanced visitor registration is an investment in both security and visitor satisfaction. With MyDesk visitor registration, businesses can take this step with confidence, knowing they have one of the best systems on the market.

To schedule a free trial, contact MyDesk and start the journey towards a smarter and more accommodating future.

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