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Search, find and book meeting rooms that match your needs via 3d floor plans

With our platform, it’s easier than ever to find and book meeting rooms that fit your exact needs. Our innovative 3D floor plans give you a visual representation of each meeting room so you can choose the perfect setting for your next meeting. With just a few clicks, you can reserve the optimal space for your requirements.

All from one place and in a single application.

We’ve made meeting room booking simple and user-friendly. Our platform offers a visual and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find and book meeting rooms. Best of all, you can manage all your meeting rooms from a single application. We also have the ability to share meeting rooms with others in the same building, promoting collaboration and optimizing the use of resources.

Book mødelokale uden skærm og med QR kode

Meeting room screens or QR code for entrance of the meeting room

We make meeting room booking even more convenient. Our platform allows you to use meeting room screens or QR codes to book the meeting rooms.

Install the MyDesk app on your existing screens or print our QR codes and save the cost of screens. With QR codes, you can scan and book a room directly from your mobile phone – just like you do from screens.

Alternatively, let us install new screens on your premises, we support most types of screens to match the exact design you want.

Order meeting catering from Outlook, Teams or mobile

Management module and mobile app for canteen staff

Integration to financial system and PowerBI

Free module included in the meeting room booking system

Book catering and meeting rooms directly from Outlook

Send us an email or book a meeting

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In a time when flexibility and efficiency are key in the workplace, a booking system plays a crucial role. MyDesk booking system offers a comprehensive solution that covers everything from booking meeting rooms and desk space to booking meeting catering. This system ensures that employees can easily manage their workday and resources, contributing to a more streamlined and productive workflow.

Benefits of MyDesk booking system

Easy access to resources

MyDesk enables employees to book the necessary workplace facilities via mobile, Outlook or Teams. This ensures that all employees have easy and quick access to reserve meeting rooms, desk space and other necessary resources without wasting time.

Minimal change in work routines

To ensure a seamless integration, MyDesk is designed to minimize changes to employees’ work routines. The system allows booking of meeting rooms through familiar platforms such as Outlook, while the MyDesk add-in offers a visual overview of available meeting rooms to assist in choosing the most suitable location.

Increased productivity and efficiency

Centralizing the booking process in a single system reduces the risk of double bookings and misunderstandings. Employees can effectively plan their workday, leading to better time utilization and increased productivity.

Practical use of the MyDesk booking system

MyDesk booking system offers a wide range of solutions for different needs in the workplace. Its flexibility and ease of use make it an ideal tool for companies looking to optimize their resource utilization and work processes.

Meeting rooms and desk spaces

With MyDesk, employees can quickly find and reserve available meeting rooms and desk space, ensuring efficient utilization of your company’s physical resources.

Meeting catering

In addition to the physical facilities, MyDesk also offers a meeting catering booking solution. This aspect of the system simplifies the process of arranging catering for meetings, saving time and ensuring everything is ready for the start of the meeting.

Integrated into everyday tools

The integration of MyDesk into everyday tools like mobile, Outlook and Teams allows employees to make bookings within the platforms they are already familiar with. This increases usability and ensures a smooth transition to using the new system.


MyDesk booking system offers a comprehensive solution for companies that want to optimize their work processes and resource utilization. The system’s ease of use and integration into familiar platforms ensures easy access to necessary resources and minimal change in employee work routines. By implementing MyDesk, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, productivity and a more streamlined workday.

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