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In a time when flexibility and efficiency are crucial to the success of every business, MyDesk Analytics offers a groundbreaking solution for office utilization. This intelligent platform offers deep insights and data-driven solutions that enable businesses to transform their workspaces and adapt to the dynamic world of work. Let’s explore how MyDesk Analytics can revolutionize your company’s office utilization.

Data Collection: The First Step Towards Optimization

It starts with data. Without accurate and detailed data, a business can only guess at how their office space is best utilized. MyDesk Analytics collects data from user booking behavior and sensors placed around the office, providing a clear picture of how every desk and meeting room is being utilized in real-time.

Occupancy: Understanding the Pulse of the Office

MyDesk Analytics analyzes data to determine office occupancy – a key metric for understanding how well the space is being used. The system identifies peaks and times when the office is underutilized. This allows companies to make adjustments that not only optimize space but can also increase employee satisfaction.

Flexible Workplaces: A New Norm

With insights from MyDesk Analytics, companies can transform their offices into flexible workplaces that support hot-desking, remote working and hybrid working models. The platform can guide the design of workspaces that reflect the actual needs and behaviors of employees, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Predictive Analytics: Proactive Office Planning

MyDesk Analytics goes beyond reactive office space management by using predictive analytics. By using historical data to predict future trends, companies can plan and adapt their office layout and resource allocation ahead of changes in workforce size and preferences.

Recommendations: From Insights to Strategy

The most valuable feature of MyDesk Analytics is its ability to translate data into concrete recommendations. It’s not enough to know when and where office space is over or underutilized – you need to know what to do about it. The platform suggests actions that may include changes to the office layout, updating booking policies or implementing new workflows that maximize office utilization.

Implementation: Realizing the Potential

Utilizing MyDesk Analytics‘ recommendations requires a well-considered implementation strategy. Companies must be ready to act on data and make the necessary changes to their work environment. This can involve anything from small adjustments to extensive restructuring, all with the goal of creating a more dynamic and adaptable office.

Results: A Transformed Workplace

Companies using MyDesk Analytics not only report more efficient use of space, they also see improvements in employee engagement and productivity. An optimized office environment can foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, which is essential for attracting and retaining talent.


With MyDesk Analytics, businesses not only have a tool to understand their current office space utilization, but also a partner in creating the workplace of the future. By revolutionizing office utilization with data and analytics, companies can not only save money and resources but also create a more motivating and satisfying workplace for their employees.

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