MyDesk Planner: Visual overview of all meetings and catering

Introducing MyDesk Planner: Your new meeting planning tool

MyDesk Planner is an innovative solution designed to make meeting planning clearer and more efficient. With this tool, companies and organizations can easily get a visual overview of all meetings and associated catering. It’s an all-in-one platform that integrates search, booking and management of meeting rooms and catering management.

Using MyDesk Planner can revolutionize the way companies organize internal and external meetings. The tool is designed to save time and resources by centralizing all aspects of meeting planning. The intuitive design and user-friendly interface makes it easy for all employees to navigate the system, regardless of technical ability.

With MyDesk Planner, users can quickly get an overview of available meeting rooms, their capacity and the technical facilities they offer. This allows you to choose the most suitable room for each meeting. In addition, users can see the location of meetings in the calendar, helping to avoid double bookings and optimize the use of the company’s meeting facilities.

The tool is also designed to facilitate communication between different departments. With real-time updates, all relevant parties can stay informed of changes to meeting plans, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings and ensuring all preparations are in place.

Search, find and manage your meeting rooms through MyDesk Planner

MyDesk Planner makes it easy to search and find the perfect meeting room for any purpose. With a detailed search function, users can filter rooms based on size, location, availability and equipment. This ensures that you find a room that suits the specific needs of the planned meeting.

Once the ideal meeting room is found, users can manage the booking directly in the system. It’s possible to book rooms in advance and add meetings to the company calendar so that all parties involved can see the planned events. This helps avoid conflicts and ensures that all resources are optimally utilized.

MyDesk Planner also offers the ability to customize meeting rooms as needed. Users can arrange the set-up of tables and chairs, order necessary AV equipment and ensure all technical requirements are met. This allows you to create the perfect environment for productive and engaging meetings.

In addition, the system allows you to monitor and analyze the use of the meeting rooms. With built-in reporting tools, businesses can gain insight into how their facilities are being used, which can help identify areas for improvement and ensure resources are being utilized efficiently.

Meeting catering administration

Catering is an important part of meeting planning, and MyDesk Planner makes it easy to manage this task. The tool allows users to order food and drinks for meetings directly through the platform. This can include anything from coffee and snacks to full meals, depending on the length and purpose of the meeting.

The system also allows users to specify special dietary needs and preferences so that all participants can be accommodated. This is especially important in a time when allergies and dietary restrictions are common. Taking these needs into account ensures that all meeting attendees can enjoy the catering without worry.

MyDesk Planner also helps you keep track of your catering budget. With clear overviews of the costs associated with different catering options, companies can make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses. This contributes to more financially responsible meeting planning.

Finally, the integration of catering management in MyDesk Planner ensures there are no last-minute complications. By having all catering details in one place, companies can ensure that everything is ready for the start of the meeting, contributing to a professional and smooth meeting experience for everyone involved.

Targeted the reception, PAs and the like

MyDesk Planner is an ideal tool for receptionists, personal assistants (PAs) and other administrative staff who are often responsible for scheduling meetings. The tool allows them to manage all aspects of meeting organization from one central location, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Receptionists can use MyDesk Planner to welcome guests and ensure they are directed to the right meeting room without delays. With real-time updates, they can quickly react to changes in the meeting schedule and inform the relevant parties. This contributes to a professional and efficient reception of guests.

PAs will find the tool particularly useful as it allows them to coordinate meetings for multiple managers and departments simultaneously. With MyDesk Planner, they can easily avoid calendar conflicts and ensure that all managers have the necessary resources for their meetings.

Finally, MyDesk Planner is designed to be user-friendly and easy to implement in any business. With simple step-by-step guides and customer support, it’s easy for new users to get started and take advantage of all the benefits the system offers.

Overall, MyDesk Planner is a valuable tool for any company looking to optimize their meeting planning and catering. With its extensive features and user-friendly interface, it can help save time, reduce costs and improve the overall meeting experience.

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