Make lunch booking easier with MyDesk Catering

Book catering after demand and avoid food waste

With MyDesk meeting catering, your employees get an easy and recognizable booking experience, without the need to leave Outlook and the meeting they are already booking.

The module gives you advanced options to provide employees with a menu that takes into account location, room, time and much more. The module also handles moving, changing and canceling meetings and ensures all relevant people are up to date.

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Easy management of meeting reservations for canteen staff

Our platform makes meeting catering management simple and straightforward for canteen staff. They can easily see what meeting catering needs to be delivered, when it needs to be delivered and by whom. Plan and record the status of the delivery, including prepared, delivered and cleaned. This gives you full control over the catering process and ensures everything runs smoothly.

Through the canteen app, canteen staff can add products to an order that are not normally on the menu and ensure these are also included in further internal invoicing.

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Lunch is a key aspect of the working day, a time when employees can take a well-deserved break, recharge their energy, and often engage in informal meetings and discussions. In this light, making the lunch break as efficient and enjoyable as possible is essential to promote both wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. MyDesk Catering plays a key role in this by offering a seamless and customized lunch experience.

Efficient Ordering with MyDesk Catering

With MyDesk Catering, employees can easily order their lunch in advance through an easy-to-use platform. This innovative system eliminates the traditional waiting in queues and ensures that every employee gets exactly what they want. By allowing pre-ordering, employees can also plan their workday more efficiently, knowing exactly when their lunch will be ready. This helps optimize workflow while reducing food waste as meals are prepared based on specific pre-orders.

Variety and customization

One of the biggest benefits of MyDesk Catering is its diversity of food options. The catering company understands the importance of offering a wide variety of meals that can satisfy different taste buds and dietary needs. Whether employees prefer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low-carb or any other specific diet, MyDesk Catering can accommodate these needs. This customization ensures that all employees feel included and have access to healthy, nutritionally balanced meals that support their workday and overall wellbeing.

Planning and Coordination

Effective planning and coordination is essential to ensure meals are delivered fresh and on time. MyDesk Catering understands the importance of timing in a busy workday. They carefully coordinate the delivery of lunches to fit in with the company’s schedule and employee break times. This ensures that meals are always fresh and employees don’t have to worry about missing their lunch due to delivery delays.

Regular Updates

MyDesk Catering understands the importance of good communication and keeps employees informed about menu changes, special offers, and any changes in delivery times. These updates allow employees to plan their lunch breaks more efficiently and avoid any disappointments. Such transparency and regular communication also helps to build a trusting relationship between MyDesk Catering and its employees.

Promoting Productivity and Satisfaction

By making lunch breaks more enjoyable and hassle-free, MyDesk Catering plays an important role in improving both productivity and employee satisfaction. A tasty, nutritious lunch can give employees the necessary energy and mental clarity required for the rest of the workday. Furthermore, the ability to enjoy a quality meal without stress and hassle creates a sense of appreciation and care among employees, which can contribute to a more positive work environment.

Adapting to Changing Needs

MyDesk Catering is also responsive to changing trends and preferences in the workforce. They keep up to date with the latest nutritional trends and continuously adapt their menu to meet new taste preferences and health trends. This ensures that employees always have access to exciting and varied meal options that keep up with the times.

Environmental Responsibility

In a time when environmental awareness is growing, MyDesk Catering is also committed to sustainability. They work with local suppliers to minimize carbon footprint, use sustainable packaging materials, and reduce food waste through their pre-order system. This approach to eco-conscious catering is not only good for the planet, but also something that is highly valued by environmentally conscious employees.

Health and Safety

In light of recent global health crises, MyDesk Catering has also intensified its focus on health and safety standards. They ensure that all meals are prepared and delivered under strict hygiene conditions to protect both the health and safety of employees.

User-friendly Technology

The technology behind MyDesk Catering is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Employees can easily navigate the system, view menus, make pre-orders and even give feedback on their meals. This ease of use ensures that everyone, regardless of their technological skills, can benefit from the service.

Promoting Social Interactions

Lunchtime is also an important social time in the workplace. MyDesk Catering supports this aspect by fostering a culture where employees can gather and enjoy their meals together. This can strengthen working relationships and create a more cohesive work environment.


Ultimately, MyDesk Catering plays a crucial role in improving the lunch experience in the workplace. By offering an efficient, customized and eco-friendly catering service, they contribute significantly to employee satisfaction and productivity. Their commitment to quality, diversity and sustainability makes them an invaluable partner for any company looking to offer their employees an exceptional lunch experience.

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