Hybrid workplace: The future way of working with MyDesk

Search, find and book meeting rooms that match your needs via 3d floor plans

With our platform, it’s easier than ever to find and book meeting rooms that fit your exact needs. Our innovative 3D floor plans give you a visual representation of each meeting room so you can choose the perfect setting for your next meeting. With just a few clicks, you can reserve the optimal space for your requirements.

All from one place and in a single application.

We’ve made meeting room booking simple and user-friendly. Our platform offers a visual and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find and book meeting rooms. Best of all, you can manage all your meeting rooms from a single application. We also have the ability to share meeting rooms with others in the same building, promoting collaboration and optimizing the use of resources.

Book mødelokale uden skærm og med QR kode

Meeting room screens or QR code for entrance of the meeting room

We make meeting room booking even more convenient. Our platform allows you to use meeting room screens or QR codes to book the meeting rooms.

Install the MyDesk app on your existing screens or print our QR codes and save the cost of screens. With QR codes, you can scan and book a room directly from your mobile phone – just like you do from screens.

Alternatively, let us install new screens on your premises, we support most types of screens to match the exact design you want.

Order meeting catering from Outlook, Teams or mobile

Management module and mobile app for canteen staff

Integration to financial system and PowerBI

Free module included in the meeting room booking system

Book catering and meeting rooms directly from Outlook

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Introduction to Hybrid Workplace: What is it and how does it work?

Hybrid workplace is a new way of working that combines the benefits of both traditional office work and remote work. It’s a flexible work model where employees have the option to work both in the office and from home, whichever best suits the task at hand. This way of working has become even more relevant in light of the current pandemic, where many companies have had to adapt and implement a hybrid workplace to maintain their operations.

A hybrid workplace works through technological solutions that enable employees to communicate and collaborate across different locations. One of the most popular tools for this purpose is MyDesk, a digital platform that gives employees access to all the tools and documents they need, wherever they are. This enables employees to work efficiently and collaborate equally whether they are in the office or at home.

Meeting room booking with MyDesk

One of the most important features of MyDesk is the ability to book meeting rooms. This is essential for a hybrid workplace as it ensures that employees always have a place to meet and collaborate when needed. With MyDesk, employees can book meeting rooms quickly and easily, whether they are in the office or from home. This saves time and avoids unnecessary confusion as all meetings and resources are in one place.

Hybrid workplace benefits: Flexibility, productivity and well-being

A hybrid workplace has many benefits, both for employees and the company as a whole. One of the biggest benefits is the flexibility that allows employees to customize their workday according to their individual needs. This can be especially beneficial for employees with children or other commitments, as they can organize their work to best suit their personal lives.

Another benefit is increased productivity. By allowing employees to work in the way that suits them best, they can be more focused and efficient in their work. This can also lead to a better work-life balance, as employees have more control over their working hours and can avoid unnecessary commuting.

Finally, a hybrid workplace can also have a positive impact on employee wellbeing. Giving them the opportunity to work in a way that suits them best can reduce stress and improve their overall job satisfaction. This can also lead to higher employee retention and attract new talent to the company.

How to implement Hybrid Workplace with MyDesk: Tips and tricks

Implementing a hybrid workplace can seem challenging, but with MyDesk it’s simple and efficient. It’s important to have a clear plan and communicate clearly with employees about the changes. Here are some tips and tricks for implementing a hybrid workplace with MyDesk:

1. Educate employees: It’s important to train employees on how to use MyDesk and the new workflows. This will ensure that they feel safe and comfortable with the new system.

2. Establish clear guidelines: It’s important to establish clear guidelines on how work should be organized and communicated across different locations. This will ensure an efficient and consistent workflow.

3. Create a good communication culture: Communication is essential for a hybrid workplace. It’s important to maintain a good communication culture where everyone feels included and informed.

4. Use MyDesk to collaborate: MyDesk offers a range of collaboration tools that enable employees to work together on projects and tasks from anywhere.

5. Evaluate and adapt: It’s important to continuously evaluate and adapt work processes to ensure they are working optimally for the business and employees.

In today’s modern work environment, a hybrid workplace with MyDesk is an efficient and flexible way to work. This allows employees to work in a way that suits them best, while increasing productivity and wellbeing. By following these tips and tricks, businesses can successfully implement a hybrid workplace and take advantage of all its benefits.

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