Open office vs. an activity-based workplace?

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An open office is a workplace design with few or no barriers between workstations, while an activity-based workplace offers different spaces for different work activities.

An open office promotes collaboration and communication, while an activity-based workplace provides more flexibility and autonomy for employees to choose their work environment.

In an open office, employees typically have a dedicated desk or workstation, but they may be in a large room with colleagues. This type of layout can foster a sense of community and encourage spontaneous interactions and sharing of ideas. However, it can also lead to disruption and lack of privacy, which can negatively impact productivity and job satisfaction.

In contrast, an activity-based workplace provides a selection of spaces designed for specific work activities, such as private workstations, collaboration areas, quiet spaces and social areas. Employees can choose the space that best suits their needs and preferences, allowing more flexibility and autonomy in their workday. This type of workplace design can also help reduce disruption and increase productivity, but it may require more investment in technology and infrastructure to support multiple work environments.


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