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Visitor registration is a process where visitors to a workplace or coworking space are logged and registered upon arrival. This may be for security reasons, to ensure compliance with building codes, or to facilitate communication between hosts and guests.

In the context of flexible workplaces, such as coworking spaces or hot desking environments, guest registration can help keep track of who is in the building at any given time. This can be particularly important in these environments as there are often a high number of people coming and going, including both regular users and guests.

Guest registration can also be useful for improving the guest experience. For example, it can ease the process of finding the person they’ve come to meet with, or it can help ensure they have access to the necessary facilities.

MyDesk offers a streamlined guest registration solution that ensures a seamless experience for both guests and hosts. With MyDesk’s guest registration module, businesses can easily keep track of who visits their office, improving security and compliance. Guests can easily check in upon arrival and their hosts will automatically receive a notification. This ensures efficient and professional guest handling while improving the overall guest experience.

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