The benefit of having meeting catering directly in your meeting room booking

Introduction to meeting catering: Why it benefits your meeting

Meeting catering is an essential part of planning any successful meeting. It’s not just about satisfying hunger, but also about creating an atmosphere that promotes collaboration and efficiency. When attendees know they will be provided with refreshments and meals, they can better focus on the content and goals of the meeting. Tasty and nutritious catering can boost energy levels and contribute to a more positive and engaged meeting experience.

The quality and variety of catering can also reflect the company’s values and professionalism. It shows thoughtfulness and attention to detail, which can help strengthen relationships with customers, partners and employees. Furthermore, the presence of food and drink can facilitate social interactions, which are essential for networking and team building.

Efficiency and convenience: The benefits of direct meeting catering with MyDesk

Having meeting catering directly in your meeting room via a service like MyDesk can significantly increase efficiency. Firstly, it eliminates the need to leave the meeting room to search for food, saving time and minimizing interruptions. This is especially important in tightly packed agendas where every minute counts. With MyDesk, catering can be scheduled at specific times to fit in with the flow and structure of the meeting.

How meeting catering improves attendee engagement and productivity

Good meeting catering can have a direct impact on attendee engagement and productivity. When participants are full and satisfied, they are more likely to actively participate in discussions and brainstorming. A 2019 study found that meeting attendees who were provided with catering reported higher levels of attentiveness and satisfaction compared to those without catering.

In addition, catered breaks can act as mental "reset" buttons, giving participants a chance to digest information and come back to the meeting with renewed focus. Including healthy and energizing foods such as fruit, nuts and whole grains can ensure that blood sugar levels remain stable, which is essential for maintaining concentration.

Choose the right meeting catering: Tips for incorporating catering into your meeting room

When choosing meeting catering, it’s important to consider the purpose of the meeting and the attendees. For example, for a morning meeting, a light breakfast buffet with coffee, tea and juice may be appropriate, while a full-day seminar requires more robust meals. It’s also important to cater for special dietary requirements and allergies to ensure everyone can participate without worry.

To make catering an integral part of the meeting, consider the timing of breaks and meals. These should be scheduled in such a way that they flow naturally with the rhythm of the meeting and don’t interrupt important discussions or presentations. It can also be a good idea to involve participants in the choice of catering, which can increase their anticipation and engagement in the meeting.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a meeting experience where the catering complements and enhances the content and purpose of the meeting. With careful planning and attention to detail, meeting catering can be a valuable investment in the productivity and success of your meetings.

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