Streamlining Meeting Room Management

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The Challenge of Meeting Room Booking

In the modern workplace, efficient meeting room management is not just a convenience, but a necessity. Businesses of all sizes face the challenge of managing their meeting room resources efficiently. Without a clear system in place, booking and managing meeting rooms can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. This is where MyDesk comes in with a solution that transforms this dynamic.

Solutions for All Employees

MyDesk offers a range of tools designed to meet the diverse needs of a business, from the everyday employee to the administrative staff.

Booking for the Regular Employee

For employees booking a meeting room, the process can often seem overwhelming, especially in larger companies with many rooms. MyDesk simplifies this process by offering an interactive floor plan that shows all available meeting rooms in real time. Employees can see which rooms are available, their size, location and available facilities, such as AV equipment. This allows them to quickly find and book the most suitable room for their meeting without having to waste time manually searching or checking with colleagues.

Administrative Options with MyDesk Planner

For administrative workers who handle more complex tasks such as booking and rescheduling meetings for multiple teams, MyDesk Planner offers a comprehensive solution. This platform provides a detailed overview of all meetings and rooms and allows users to manage bookings in a streamlined way. With features like drag-and-drop interface and automatic notification to meeting bookers when changes are made, Planner reduces the risk of double bookings and confusion. In addition, administrative staff can easily adapt meeting times and rooms based on changing needs or unexpected events.

Benefits of MyDesk Planner

The biggest benefit of MyDesk Planner lies in its ability to centralize and simplify meeting management. Instead of navigating through multiple systems or manually coordinating between different departments, all information and management can be handled from one platform. This leads to significant time savings and an improvement in overall business efficiency.

Future Updates and Support

MyDesk is committed to continuously improving its products. The company listens to user feedback to ensure their tools remain relevant and useful in the changing business landscape. Users can expect regular updates that add new features and improve the user experience. In addition, MyDesk offers dedicated customer support, ensuring that any questions or issues are quickly addressed.


MyDesk’s tools offer a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their meeting and meeting room management. With its user-friendly approach and advanced features, MyDesk allows businesses to free up valuable resources to be used more productively elsewhere. Whether it’s for individual employees or administrative staff, MyDesk’s solutions are designed to make meeting management more efficient, organized and seamless.

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