User management in MyDesk

MyDesk User Management. #

Within MyDesk, users can be assigned different roles based on their email. Each role has its own set of permissions.
Group settings: To make user management more efficient, we recommend creating an AD group for each relevant permission. Examples of AD group categories can be:

  • Brugere / Users
  • Administrator
  • Kitchen

Add relevant people to these groups in AD.
Through “Users and permissions” in MyDesk, you can grant access to the entire AD group. This allows you to manage permissions via your AD, simplifying the process when hiring new employees or assigning new rights.
Role descriptions:

  • User: This is the default role for users. Users can access MyDesk, book desk space and reserve meeting rooms that are integrated with MyDesk.
  • Administrator: This role gives full access to all administrative settings in MyDesk. In addition to using MyDesk’s basic features, an administrator can edit all settings.
  • Manage Locations: Allows editing areas on floorplans, including changing images and moving desk locations.
  • Reservations: Provides access to view all desktop reservations in all areas.
  • Users and Permissions: Allows adding and editing emails and granting specific rights within MyDesk.
  • Lunch: This permission gives access to “Lunch & Catering”. Kitchen staff must have this permission to view lunch orders and get an overview of meeting catering.
  • Floor Plan: Allows the user to change the general overview of the floor plan and add/edit the location of areas.
  • Reserve for All: Allows the user to make desktop reservations on behalf of others.
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