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Work occupancy refers to the amount of space occupied in a workplace at a given time. This can include both physical spaces, such as desks, meeting rooms and common areas, as well as virtual spaces in the case of remote working.

Workplace occupancy is an important factor in workspace management as it can have a direct impact on employee productivity, wellbeing and collaboration. For example, high occupancy can lead to crowded workspaces, which can be distracting and hamper productivity. On the other hand, low occupancy can indicate that space is not being utilized efficiently, which can lead to unnecessary costs.

Workplace occupancy monitoring can help companies optimize their space utilization and create a more comfortable and productive work environment. This can be achieved through various methods including heat mapping, sensors and software solutions that can track and analyze coating data in real-time.

This data can be used to make informed decisions on everything from office layout and meeting room planning to flexible working arrangements and capacity planning. For example, if data shows that certain areas are consistently overcrowded, it could be a sign that more space, better planning or changes to work routines are needed.

Ultimately, effective workplace occupancy management can help businesses create a more efficient, comfortable and productive workplace that meets the needs of both the business and employees.

MyDesk provides real-time workplace occupancy data that gives businesses a clear view of how their workspace is being utilized. With MyDesk, businesses can easily track and analyze the usage of desks, meeting rooms and other areas, helping to identify over- or underutilized areas. These insights enable businesses to make informed decisions about space management and optimization.

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