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Mydesk’s interactive floorplan map is a powerful digital solution that transforms the way businesses navigate and interact with their workplace. These maps offer a visual representation of the workplace layout and facilities, allowing employees to explore different areas of the workplace, including floors, meeting rooms and amenities.

Improved Navigation and Resource Booking

One of the most important features of Mydesk’s interactive maps is the ability to help employees navigate the workplace. If you’re looking for a meeting room or a colleague, the interactive map can quickly and accurately point you in the right direction. But that’s not all, you can also use the card to book rooms and resources, improving efficiency and minimizing time spent on administrative tasks.

Security Information and Integration with Management Systems

In addition to improving navigation and resource booking, Mydesk’s interactive maps can also be customized to include important safety information, such as evacuation routes and emergency procedures. This adds an extra layer of security and safety for employees.

Finally, Mydesk’s interactive maps with floorplans can be integrated with other workplace management systems. Whether you use Mydesk’s meeting booking system or another management system, the interactive map can provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. At the same time, it helps businesses optimize space utilization, resulting in significant savings and improved productivity.


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