MyDesk Planner

Make it easier for selected employees to manage meetings and catering

Visual overview of all meetings and catering

Book or move meeting rooms

Add or update catering

Visual overview and usage statistics

Targeted the reception, PAs and the like

Search, find and manage your meeting rooms through MyDesk Planner

Targeted at administrative staff such as receptionists, PAs and the like.

Find meetings and meeting rooms:

Filter by size, facilities and other criteria to find the meeting you are looking for

Move with ease:

If you need to, you can move a meeting to another meeting room with a few clicks if you need to. With the visual overview of all rooms, you can quickly find where they are available.

Add meeting catering:

If you need to, you can easily add meeting catering to meetings. Through MyDesk Planner, you can both add items from the official menu or add your own items that are not on the menu, such as a special evening menu for the board meeting.

Computer with Planner

Meeting catering administration

MyDesk Planner complements the rest of the MyDesk catering platform and works perfectly with our catering app.

While the Catering app is aimed at canteen staff, MyDesk Planner is intended to give administrative staff an easy overview of all meetings and the ability to add or change catering for a meeting.

An example could be an employee calling the front desk and asking to add coffee and water to their meeting, or another employee who needs to reschedule their meeting to another time, giving the front desk an easy and visual overview of all meeting rooms and availability.

We create BI reports that match the data you want to analyse and report on.

With MyDesk Planner, you not only get a simple and efficient way to book meeting rooms, but also a tool that lets you see how much your meeting rooms are being used and by how many people.

Our system is fast and efficient, with a short response time, no matter how many rooms you have connected,

MyDesk Planner

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MyDesk Planner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outlook is an excellent tool for booking meeting rooms, but the overview is not optimal if you have many meeting rooms. At the same time, administrative employees do not have the right to move, add catering, etc. for meetings other than their own.

Partly yes. Employees can request to reschedule a meeting to another time, but it is the employee who must approve the rescheduling before it is finalized. If IT allows it, administrative staff can be given the right to move meetings without the person who booked it having to approve.

No, if you just need an administrative overview of meetings and rooms, MyDesk Planner will do the trick.

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