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WorkTime onboarding

Installing the add-in in Outlook

The process below is used if you want IT to deploy the MyDesk add-in for the entire organization, specific individuals or

1) In admin center > Settings > Integrated apps:
Microsoft 365 Administration

2) Click on user integrated apps:

3) Add this address:

4) If it is for testing purposes, select specific users/groups and enter the names of the users who will test the add-in:

5) Click save and the add-in will be ready within a few hours

Download and first login

An IT administrator will receive a link in an email. First you need to log in and then you will be greeted by a consent form. Once approved, everyone in the company has access to use WorkTime afterwards.

In the video below we explain what a consent form/admin consent is and what consent is given for:

Once the consent form is approved, employees can now download MyDesk in the App Store and/or Play Store

Check in/out

1: Select time and check in

2: Select the reason

3: Confirm

4: Choose time and check out

5: – Confirm and send .

– If you need to work again later, select: “yes, check out”

– If the day is over, select: “check out and submit”

Overview of registrations

1: View your registrations. If you have forgotten to register a day, you can go in and add them. This is also where you submit and lock a day or week’s registrations

2: Confirm

3: When green, registrations are submitted

Reporting / Analytics

Select the period and people you want to see working hours for.

They can see if someone isn’t taking their rest time and working too much compared to what the EU allows.

Overview of who has registered and if anyone has yet to register.

Export hours on the registrations you want

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