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Guest registration

Guest registration - MyDesk Addin and app

To pre-register your guests in the addin or app, start by opening

“Mydesk guest registration” you do this by clicking Guest registration in the menu:

When you are in Guest registration you are greeted by an overview of your registered guests (1), in addition you have the option to add a new guest

Now when you want to pre-register a new guest, press “Add Guest”

You can register your guests in two different ways. In the top part (3), select an existing meeting from your calendar. From here, MyDesk Guest Registration provides suggestions for external people from the meeting who can be pre-registered as guests.

If there is no meeting to connect it to, you have the option in (4) to pre-register a guest where you manually fill in information on the guest.

Once you have filled in your guest’s information, click “Add guest” to the right at the bottom.

You have now added your guest to the guest registration and you can see them in your overview.

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