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MyDesk can be accessed from mobile, web and through Outlook. Basically, you’ll find pretty much the same features in all three applications and they work similarly.

Login from Outlook

When you open the addin, it will automatically log you in with your email account, so you don’t need to do anything other than click the MyDesk icon

Login from web

To log in to the web application, enter your company URL

“www.<Insert company name>.mydesk.dk”

You will then be asked to log in.

Enter your work email and password and login here,

Afterwards, you will no longer be asked to log in.

If your PC already has your username and password saved, then

You may not be asked to enter this.

Installing the add-in in Outlook

The process below is used if you want IT to deploy the MyDesk add-in for the entire organization, specific individuals or

1) In admin center > Settings > Integrated apps:
Microsoft 365 Administration

2) Click on user integrated apps:

3) Add this address:

4) If it is for testing purposes, select specific users/groups and enter the names of the users who will test the add-in:

5) Click save and the add-in will be ready within a few hours

Installation on PC

For easier access to the desktop application, you can install it as an App on your PC

When you are logged into MyDesk via your company’s mydesk URL

“www.<Insert company name>.mydesk.dk”

you will find the installation icon on the far right. If you click this icon, you will be asked if you want to install the MyDesk application on your PC.

Once installed, you can find the MyDesk application on your PC and

access it when you want to book a table from your PC:

Mobile app installation

The MyDesk mobile app is available in all App stores, no matter what type of phone you use. The app is called MyDesk App.

The first time you access the mobile app you will be asked to log in, then

the app will remember your account. Again, log in with your work email and password.

When you press Login, the app asks if it can use your Office 365 mail account – press “continue”

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