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Desk booking

Deskbook from Mobile App / Outlook addin


click on “


Select the day(s) you want to book a seat (note: if you are booking on your PC and not mobile, you can select multiple days by holding down CTRL and pressing the days you want to make a booking

Press “Choose location or floorplan” and select location and floorplan. Then select the area you want to sit in.

Select the space where you want to sit, you can zoom with your fingers or tap the Zoom icon.

Once you’ve chosen where you want to sit, fill in how long, whether you want lunch and whether it should be preferred seat. If you check “Same seat for all days” it will select these settings for all the selected days.

Once this is filled in, press book at the bottom.

Deskbook from Website Through Bookings

To book a desk from the website, first click on “Bookings”

This gives you an overview of your calendar and existing bookings.

To book a desk, first click in the calendar and choose which day.
Here you can click in the calendar (Hold the mouse and drag for longer periods or days)

When your days are selected, you can now see in the top right corner of the calendar that in this case it says “3”. This is because 3 days are marked. – You now press the plus and select “Add booking”

A new window will now open.

Here you select the area, location and floor plan you want from the menu on the left.

Now select the seat you want to sit at on the floor plan.

Once you have clicked on your seat, select the time period. Here you can either choose from one time to another or select “All day” (Marked in green in the image below)

Once you have selected your time period, you can now select the next date and book a seat for the next day. If you want the same seat every day, you can tap “Same seat for all days

Finally, press “Book” and your reservation will be made.

Video for guest booking:
Guest reservations

If you want to book a desk space for a guest, go back to reservations and click “Guests

A new window will pop up where you click “Add guest” and book in the same way as you have already done, but for your colleague/guest.

Deskbook from Website Through Floorplan

To book a desk from the website, click on “Floorplan”

Here you get an overview of your company’s floorplans that select the relevant location and area.

In this case, we press “IT” with 38 free seats and press “Add booking”

On this screen, select the seat you want to book. And select the following period on the subsequent pop up screen.

If you often sit in the same area or seat, we recommend you click “Set as preferred seat” and MyDesk will remember your choices for next time.

When you have finished filling in the information, press “Submit” and you have booked a seat.

Changes to reservation

To change a booking, first go to “Bookings” in the side menu.

Inside reservations, you see your current reservations in the menu to the right. Click on the three dots and press Modify booking.

You will now be greeted by the following window:

Here you can change your reservation to what you want. This means you can change the seat, time and whether it’s even in the area you want to sit. – If you want to sit in the same place but just want to change the time, you can choose the same seat.

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