has implemented flexible workplaces

Interview with

Previously, we have written about who have chosen MyDesk for implementation of flexible work spaces upon reopening. With the new hybrid arrangement, some days take place at the office and others from home. Now that the employees have had some time to get used to the system, we have done an interview with Helle Hvass Nielsen, chief secretary of to learn how their experience with MyDesk and the new hybrid arrangement has been.

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Meet different needs

Like so many other organizations during the shutdown, had to do their work from home. Generally, the employees experienced that it was possible to solve the tasks from the home office but after a while several people started to miss the contact with coworkers. The organization has now chosen the hybrid model, where some days happen at the office and others at home. Most of the employees use this arrangement but the ones who prefer to solely work from the office are allowed to do that: ”We have tried to meet the needs of all employees, so far as possible”, says Helle Hvass Nielsen. Because of this, many meetings take place virtually, where the employees participate both from the office and from home. This can be challenging in terms of getting everyone to participate equally which according to Helle Hvass Nielsen is something that they are continuously practicing and getting better at administering.


The implementation of a new system

When the reopening of the offices came to pass, was interested in implementing a new system for administration of flexible work spaces. The choice fell on MyDesk which has been welcomed by the employees and is praised for the service and dialogue throughout the startup phase. According to Helle Hvass Nielsen, booking a desk or announcing that one works from home required some adjusting to at first. However, MyDesk is so simple and easy to use that it quickly becomes part of the daily routine for instance checking in via the phone app. At, the system has been set up both in Copenhagen and Odense so that the employees have the opportunity to book spaces in both locations.


Focus on work-life-balance

According to Helle Hvass Nielsen, focuses on work-life-balance and the wellbeing of the employees: ”We like that our employees are happy and satisfied. We get something back from that. We get so much more productive work in return when our employees are well.” During the shutdown, they have tried their best to keep this up for instance by having virtual get-togethers. A committee for wellbeing has been established that continuously provides small company perks. Along with the hybrid arrangement, this makes the company attractive and favorable for employees.


Hybrid models are the way forward

Hybrid models and flexible work spaces are the way forward for modern companies who wish to create favorable terms and take precautions for unforeseen circumstances. More than ever, it is important for workplaces to make sure that employees thrive and feel appreciated which has a significant impact on wellbeing and productivity. We are proud of our partnership with and pleased that the employees have such a positive attitude towards this new daily life with more freedom and individual adaptation. If you are interested in hearing more about how MyDesk can help your company as well, then book a free demonstration or contact us. We look forward to publishing more exciting collaborations in the near future.