Easy booking and administration of meeting room catering.

All-in-one platform for booking and delivery of catering

Book meetings through Outlook as you are used to

Book catering for your meetings through the Outlook add-in or book through the MyDesk app on phone, web or Teams.

Choose products that are available on your location

The canteen can adjust available products according to location and time

Easy administration from the canteen

The canteen can easily administrate production and delivery of your reservations through the MyDesk catering app that is made for canteens.


The canteen gets a unique overview that secures everything is delivered and billed.

Overview over orders and who's responsible for delivering

The canteen gets a full overview over what to produce and can delegate the order to the person that has to deliver and clean up.

Correct billing

Add or remove products from an order via the App og prepare the accounting for correct billing to the chosen cost center.

Integration to an external canteen

MyDesk can integrate with most systems no matter if your canteen is internal or external.

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