The flexible workplace: what is it and why is it the future?

In today’s modern job market, flexibility has become a key factor for many workplaces.   As a result, the flexible workplace has become more and more widespread. With new technology and new attitudes towards remote work, there is no doubt that the flexible workplace is the workplace of the future..   A flexible workplace can […]

Workspace Management in the Workplace of the Future

Workspace management is about creating an optimal and efficient workplace where employees thrive and can perform their tasks to the best of their abilities. It is a strategy that focuses on managing all aspects of the workplace, from design and layout to technology and facilities.   With increasing competition and complexity in modern business, workspace […]

Sensors & IoT: Optimize the workplace and save money on electricity

With modern technology and the workplace of the future, there are endless possibilities for optimizing the workplace. It can be to create a more efficient workplace, save on electricity and heating, or create a better working environment for employees. Regardless, it is important for modern businesses to continuously optimize their workplace. Below, you can read […]

Guest registration: Give your guests a good first impression

When you run a business, it is important, to give your guests a good first impression. You only get one chance to give a good first impression. For that reason it is important that everything is on point when a guest arrives. With the workspace of the future that has flexible seating, and employees working […]

Why a good catering booking system is important

For many years, business canteens has made a specific amount of food every day to make sure that there’s food enough for meetings and employees. This approach, however, results in that there some days isn’t enough catering and on other days it results in food waste. Add to this, that remote- and hybridworking has become […]

Meeting room booking system for the workspace of the future

A good meeting room booking system is important for creating an efficient workspace. Meeting rooms are some of the most important rooms at the workspace as they allow the employees to meet and coorperate. Good meeting rooms are important for cooperation, innovation and creating progress. It is, however, not just important to have good meeting […]

Desk booking system for the modern workspace

The modern workspace creates increated work satisfaction, productivity and freedom for the employee, as the employee is allowed to plan their own day. The employee is allowed to control when he/she wants to work at the office and when to work from home. This flexibility and freedom places big requirements on the company’s IT-system. Without […]

The Flexible Workspace: What does it look like?

The modern workspace is in constant development. Across the world, more and more companies, are shifting from the traditionel workspace toward the flexible workspace. But what does the flexible workspace look like? The workspace of the future has an increased focus on giving employees the freedom to choose where and when they want to work. […]

Save power and water at your company with MyDesk

There is no doubt that we live in challenging times, with electricity and heating prices constantly rising. Companies go bankrupt every day because of the price of electricity and heat, and if the company is financially strong enough not to go bankrupt, it just really hurts the bottom line. So the logical choice is to […]