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Add or remove office spaces with one click

In these times, where we open up further, MyDesk has made it easier to raise or lower capacity. We have listened to our clients’ wishes and have implemented an algorithm, where the desired percent of available office spaces per location or area just needs to be entered. MyDesk will then automatically calculate which need to […]

Company considerations prior to introduction of flexible work spaces

Companies choose not to introduce flexible work spaces due to anxiety of the reaction from employees. For many organisations, changing the internal systems can be an anxiety inducing decision. Implementing a new way for the employees to work can be a big step which is what keeps some from switching, regardless if the new system […]

Zoom in on floor plans in the MyDesk app

Many open office companies have large floor plans which is why MyDesk has introduced a zoom feature in the mobile app. In the latest version of the MyDesk mobile app, we have introduced a number of new and improved initiatives that make desk booking even easier. A much requested feature is the option to zoom […]

Danish IT companies prepare for more remote work

As recently stated in IT Watch, more IT companies expect their employees to work more from home. That people are working from home is nothing new, but companies adapting to it is a paradigm shift that MyDesk welcomes fully. Companies such as Atea and Columbus expect to reduce the number of square meters, and Visma […]

Ready to re-open?

Hopefully, we can start to return to the office soon, but are companies ready? Society slowly starts to re-open, and employees return to the offices. At first, we still need to keep distance, and not everyone can return at once. And so, the opening will take place with limited office capacity. That is how it […]

We make it even easier to get started with MyDesk

In order to make it as easy as possible to get started and continually maintain your version of MyDesk, we now offer to adapt, upload and mark spaces on floor plans. This ensures that the floor plans look their best on web, IOS, Android and Outlook as well as that your employees will have the […]

Contagion happens in the work place

According to Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, unsurprisingly 1/3 of COVID contagions happen in the work place. Many have been sent home, and yet it is at the office that infections occur. Why? Often when we speak to companies, 50% of employees already work from home, but control is needed with where the remaining 50% […]

Check in without choosing desk, when at the office

If an employee has a fixed office space, naturally MyDesk does not require them to book a desk every time. All they have to do is to highlight, when they will be at the office and when they will work from home. In this way, precautions are taken so that no more show up at […]

Check in, book desk and lunch directly from Outlook

MyDesk has launched an Outlook add-in for easier employee check-ins, when they work from home, or reservation of desk and lunch, when they go to the office. MyDesk must be easy to use and be accessible whether on web, IOS, Android or in Outlook. That is why we have launched our latest update that makes […]